Beelieve stands out as being a sustainable kindergarten since its conception and development. Each of the materials and spaces has been taken care of, being mindful of the impact we have on the environment. Part of our culture is to be aware of each activity and its purpose, thus teaching our students to be responsible citizens.

Beelieve Preschool of Life is the first national kindergarten with a silver LEED certification, fulfilling all the requirements regarding its spaces and the use of resources.

  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Extractors in parking lot and toilets.
  • Warehouses for recycling.
  • Biophilia.
  • Carpool and Vanpool preference.
  • Native vegetation.
  • Maximum use of natural daylight.
  • Green areas of coexistence.
  • Acoustic ceiling lights.
  • Waste separation.
  • Cross ventilation.
  • Urban garden.