School is not just for children!
We want to help you be an integral part of a
formative project for your family.

We will accompany you through this first stage of
your child’s life; building together a support system
between Beelieve and your family. family.

Mom and Dad are the first educators, that is why we collaborate as a team, and more so because infancy is the most important stage in the formation of the child's personality, self-esteem, and security. In this manner, parents play an important role in their collaboration with the school. That is why we personalize the treatment and monitor each family in relation to our students.

We seek to create spaces for coexistence and learning among parents through our activities. The objective is to provide practical tools through our “parents’ school,” which focuses on childhood stages, family, marriage, and its impact on society; as well as holding friendly meetings, and contribute to consolidating each family project.

Our school for parents offers a wide variety of courses, workshops, conferences, and activities that bring parents closer to learning about the daily life in kindergarten, our educational project, and the scope that can be reached at home.